Full reproductive services are offered. Pre-breeding exams such as palpations, ultrasonography, uterine cultures/cytology, are recommended prior to breeding. In problem mares, we can do an endometrial biopsy to assess uterine health. We monitor your mare’s progress as to her ovulation and can inseminate her at the appropriate time via cooled, shipped semen or frozen semen. We also offer Embryo transfer services. We can ultrasound your mare at 14 to 16 days post-breeding to verify pregnancy. Once declared ‘in foal’ hormonal assays are recommended in order to maintain the pregnancy in your mare.

It is in the best interest of your mare and unborn foal to be given a Pneumabort-K vaccination at 5, 7, and 9 months of gestation to help prevent your mare from aborting the fetus. All mares that are in foal must be off fescue for 60 to 90 days prior to her foaling due date. Thirty days prior to her foaling due date, your mare should be given her full set of vaccinations as the immunities are transferred to her unborn foal. We can accommodate your mare at our hospital for her pre-natal and foaling needs. The foaling stalls are 24’ X 13’. She will be monitored by a Foalert® Transmitter and state of the art camera system in her stall. She will have 24 hour monitoring and on-site care. Once the new foal arrives, we will do a complete exam of your mare and your new foal.

We also offer a full line of stallion services including semen collection, evaluation and preparation for shipping as well as storage of frozen semen.

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