Lameness/Sports Medicine

Franklin Equine offers complete and comprehensive lameness diagnostic services for the equine athlete. We are proud that our veterinarians have extensive training and expertise in lameness evaluations. This expertise is carried into a wide variety of disciplines within the equine industry. The assessment through patient history, physical exams and lameness workup are used to pinpoint the problem area(s). There are multiple avenues to assess the potential cause for this lameness. Through observation on a lunge line or under saddle, flexions, nerve blocks, joint blocks along with diagnostic equipment such as digital radiography, ultrasonography or numerous other options…the cause of the unsoundness can be pinpointed. Depending on the diagnosis, the veterinarian will recommend the treatment which may include one or a combination of therapeutic, rehabilitation and/or alternative medicine.

Joint Injections
Joint injections are used to provide medication directly to the affected area. Often the joint has sustained an injury or developed arthritis after a period of time. These injections consist of a combination of high grade hyaluronic acid along with an anti-inflammatory.

IRAP Therapy (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein therapy)
IRAP therapy has been developed for the treatment of arthritic or inflamed joints. Blood is drawn from the patient and is incubated in a special syringe with glass beads for 24 hours. Our laboratory is equipped with an IRAP centrifuge, so that we can process this serum on site. Once it is centrifuged, the serum is then injected into the affected joint. This can be done weekly or biweekly for a series of 3-4 treatments.

IRAP is used to protect cartilage surfaces and decrease inflammation. Studies show that the use of IRAP has resulted in significance decreases in lameness and is one of the best treatment regimes for degenerative joint disease. This therapy is safe and can be used as an alternative to traditional joint injections. IRAP can also compliment the efficacy of intra-articular joint injections

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