Alternative/ Complimentary Medicine

Chiropractic adjustments offer an alternative method to treat poor performance or gait abnormalities through skeletal manipulation. An adjustment involves the delivery of a high velocity, low amplitude thrust to a specific joint in a precise line of correction. Some times it takes a series of chiropractic treatments to achieve the desired results. Once the problem has been resolved, it is recommended that a follow-up exam in 4-6 months be scheduled. It should be noted that depending on the use and demands of their horse, many owners want regular examinations and treatments.

Medical Acupuncture*
Medical acupuncture incorporates the use of acupuncture through fact base instruction that is backed by science. The program at Colorado State offers this program only to veterinarians. It involves the use of stainless steel needles inserted into the skin at designated “acupuncture points”. Theses points are relational to specific anatomical areas of the body. This relationship works connectively with the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. It can be used not only for prevention, but also the treatment of diseases that include pain management.

*It should be noted that this alternative medicine is a complimentary therapy in conjunction with traditional medicine. It is not to be viewed as a replacement.

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