Endoscopy And Gastroscopy

Endoscopy will allow us to examine the horse’s upper and  lower airways. This procedure allows the viewing of the upper airway in its normal function. Endoscopy is also helpful in diagnosing acute/chronic respiratory diseases and infections. Samples can be acquired if necessary for further testing.

Gastroscopy is used to diagnose esophageal diseases such as tumors, swallowing problems, and recurrent choke. In studies, gastroscopy has been proven to be the only way in which to diagnose gastric ulcers as well as infections or obstructions.

Both endoscopy and gastroscopy are minimally invasive procedures and only require light sedation. These procedures can provide the veterinarian with a timely and more thorough diagnosis, thus resulting in your horse’s treatment beginning sooner, with faster results.

*It should be noted that gastroscopy procedures require that feed be withheld 12 hours prior and water for 6 hours before your appointment time.

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